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China and Russia form Arctic express route

Splash24/7 19 Jul 2024
... Russian port of Arkhangelsk from where it is then shipped across the Arctic and North Pacific oceans to ports in China.

Canada to quadruple sub fleet as NATO, Russia and China eye the Arctic

Sandhills Express 18 Jul 2024
Climate change has sped up the melting of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, which is slowly opening up new shipping routes that Western powers worry adversaries could use for both economic and military purposes.

Dan Stevens to Topline ‘The Terror’ Season 3 for AMC

The Hollywood Reporter 18 Jul 2024
... The first season of The Terror, released in 2018, followed the crews of two ships on a 19th century Arctic expedition that become stranded in the ice and are stalked by a supernatural menace.

First LNG delivery through the Northern Sea Route

SAFETY4SEA 17 Jul 2024
According to Kpler, in a milestone for Arctic shipping this year, the Eduard Toll Arc-7 ice-breaking LNG tanker has successfully transported its cargo from the Yamal LNG plant in Russia to China’s Fujian terminal via the Northern Sea Route (NSR).

Climate change: Russia is heating up almost twice as fast the world, warns scientist

Anadolu Agency 17 Jul 2024
From 2012 to 2022, the area of ice in the Arctic decreased ... The Arctic is rich in mineral reserves and home to the NSR, which is the shortest shipping route between the western part of Europe and Asia.

Canada Plans to Acquire Up to 12 Submarines

MarineLink 15 Jul 2024
Citing global warming, Canada says the Arctic Ocean could become the most efficient shipping route between Europe and East Asia By 2050, thus raising the need to bolster maritime security.

Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

Phys Dot Org 13 Jul 2024
But a new study challenges "the increasingly common belief" that the northwest passage could become a viable alternative shipping route as warming temperatures cause an overall decline in Arctic sea ice.

US, Finland and Canada to cooperate on icebreakers

Taipei Times 12 Jul 2024
The US, Finland and Canada would work together on the production of icebreaker ships to boost their capabilities in the increasingly contested Arctic, the White House said on Thursday ... the ships.

Melting sea ice is hindering, not helping, Canadian Arctic shipping

New Scientist 12 Jul 2024
Thick sea ice is flowing into the Northwest Passage, complicating predictions that melting ice due to climate change will open a shorter route between oceans ... .

US, Canada and Finland sign ICE Pact

Splash24/7 12 Jul 2024
... is ramping up infrastructure and traffic along its Arctic waterways. “In the Arctic, new, faster shipping lanes hold the potential to create new economic opportunities and drive down shipping costs.

Melting sea ice was supposed to help Arctic shipping, but new research says otherwise

CBC 11 Jul 2024
New research suggests that rapidly melting sea ice in the ...

Thick sea ice flowing from Arctic Ocean shortening shipping season in Northwest Passage, analysis finds

Phys Dot Org 11 Jul 2024
Thick sea ice flowing from Arctic Ocean shortening shipping season in Northwest Passage, analysis finds (2024, July 11) retrieved 11 July 2024 from https.//

Climate-driven ice breakage is shortening shipping season in Northwest Passage: Study

The Hill 11 Jul 2024
The sea ice, which is flowing south from the Arctic Ocean, already slashed the ice-free shipping season in several parts of the channel between 2007 and 2021, according to the study, published on Thursday in Communications Earth & Environment.

Joint Statement on ICE Pact

The White House 11 Jul 2024
In the Arctic, new, faster shipping lanes hold the potential to create new economic opportunities and drive down shipping costs ... icebreakers and capabilities, including Arctic and polar-capable ships.

US, Canada and Finland form ‘Ice Pact’ to project influence into Arctic region

AOL 11 Jul 2024
... ships will challenge China’s control of the market as nations scramble for influence in the Arctic ... Russia currently has the largest Arctic fleet, its 40 ships far outpacing both the US and Canada.

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